Solving for the Unknown: Ed Tech and Equity

Just before the big snow storm on February 10, I went to New York for a meeting sponsored by Mimi Ito, Justin Reich and Danah Boyd—From Good Intentions to Real Outcomes: Equity by Design in Learning Technologies.  There was a diverse and motley crew of entrepreneurs, researchers, funders, reporters and practitioners assembled in the Data … Read More

The Building Blocks of Good Teaching

David Brooks wrote an article a few weeks ago about the building blocks of learning and it reminded me of our work with teachers. He said social emotional health is the foundation for kids and it’s a shame we don’t pay more attention to that. If that is what students need, what do teachers need? … Read More


I am reminded at this time of year of how hard teachers work and how empty the classroom must feel with the lights out, the chairs are up on the desks, and all the student work has been taken down from the walls. It must be so satisfying on one hand, yet such a relief … Read More