Apple Cream Torte

This weekend our friends Sam and Julia brought over a huge bag of heirloom apples from their tree. Fortunately, I found this recipe from Sunset Magazine to help me put them to delicious use. They describe it as a cross between a cake, a custard and a Dutch baby. I’d have to say that’s pretty … Read More

Chocolate Mochi Cake

We said goodbye to my husband’s cousins who are moving Northwest to Portland! We talked about a meetup at Pok Pok or the Pearl Bakery the next time I’m there. My cousin Julee made an amazing chocolate mochi cake that is not sweet and slightly chewy, as mochi should be.   Here is the recipe she … Read More

Tea Eggs for that Jook

Tea eggs are a little more complicated especially if you like your tea eggs creamy in the inside instead of well cooked. Boil water and add eggs. I cook them for 7 minutes and immediately put them in ice water. You have to vary this time depending on how you like your eggs and how … Read More

Pickled Mustard Greens and Jook

Pickled Mustard Greens and Jook I made a big mistake last week. My mother-in-law called and asked for a favor, which she never does so I was quick to say yes without even thinking. It was her turn to make lunch for the Korean school the kids go to (60 kids plus 20 adults). Would … Read More

Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

My all-time favorite combination is chocolate and raspberries. My wedding cake was a deep dark chocolate with raspberry ganache. This week we tried the Grand Central Baking Company triple chocolate cookie recipe (sans the third helping of chocolate chips) and added dehydrated raspberries from Trader Joe’s. Voila! The best chocolate raspberry cookies you’ll ever have. … Read More

Ramen Fried Chicken, Seriously?

David Chang even has a video of himself making it on YouTube. I watched it and decided I had to do it. I hate to admit, it really is good. I made it for a friend last week and made it for my family. It can definitely go in my cookbook from last year—Mama’s Little … Read More

Jerky Everything

On the way out of the library this week, I happened upon this book on making jerky. I always hated jerky but for some reason my kids love it. The book is filled with great recipes from jerky made out of ground beef to Korean style Kalbi jerky. My favorites are the vegetarian recipes: cheesy … Read More