The Chocolate Babka

I just bought Zahav by Michael Solomonov, the chef behind that Philadelphia restaurant. It’s got some amazing summer salads but I went straight for the babka recipe. The last time I had chocolate babka was at that Data and Society meeting in NYC and it was good! A babka is easier to make than you … Read More

Curried cauliflower with pickled plums

The other day I made this simple salad with my head of cauliflower from the farmer’s market. You can roast it with curry, cumin, cardamom and turmeric or fry it in some coconut oil with fresh ginger.  I add a little butter at the end and sea salt to taste. Garnish with basic and diced … Read More

The summer salad that won’t wilt

It’s that time of year. School parties. End of flag football celebrations. Soccer blow out picnics. You are asked to bring something. You don’t have time. What’s a mom to do? Make a super simple cabbage salad that won’t wilt is what I say. Shred green cabbage, purple cabbage and yellow or orange peppers sliced.  … Read More

The Next Time You Fry a Pork Chop

I have loved pork chops since I was a little girl. Despite my vegetarian tendencies, I love pork. My mom would lightly salt pork chops and then dust in flour and fry in hot peanut oil. She usually served them with onions or mushrooms and rice. Pork chops are a comfort food that I also … Read More

Pickled Onions

These are a simple garnish to any salad or meat dish, and I love the color. Thinly slice a red onion and stuff into a jar. Mix warm water, vinegar, salt and sugar in a bowl and pour over onion to cover. It can be served within a few hours and lasts for weeks in … Read More


I love this salad at Mamnoon. The greens include: spring mix or salad greens from farmers market, mint leaves, chopped romaine or little gems and radishes. The dressing I make includes: rice wine vinegar, grapeseed oil, salt, pomegranate molasses and sumac. Roast cut pita chips tossed in olive oil until brown and toss on top … Read More

Afternoon Buns with Orange Zest Glaze

Sofra is a bakery in Boston started by the same ladies who opened Oleana. Their bakery has the most delicious and unusual pastries. My favorite is their version of a morning bun that is made with a faux croissant dough, chopped into squares and then assembled in a muffin tin. I glazed mine while hot … Read More

Falafel to go with that Lamb

I learned to make falafel in Palestine about six years ago from a woman named Rana. This is her method. Use raw chickpeas and soak for three hours or more. Pulse in food processor. Wash a generous amount of parsley leaves, half an onion, three or four cloves of garlic and pulse in food processor. … Read More

Slow Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate Molasses

One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle is Mamnoon. They now have a “to go” near the new Amazon offices and it’s addicting to just walk right over there and grab a falafel to go. They inspired me to make falafel and lamb for friends recently. Basically, braise the lamb (shoulder, shank or leg) until the … Read More

BONUTS, Seriously?

I was in Nashville for a meeting not so long ago and I had to stop at a place called Biscuit Love.  I have often thought of starting a food truck myself called Hog Love because if I had to cook something over and over again it might be pork shoulder. But I digress. Biscuit … Read More