Big Things Can Happen in Small Places

Meet Fran Gallo and James Diossa, respectively the superintendent and mayor of Central Falls, Rhode Island—a small community where big things are starting to take place.  Just north of Providence, Central Falls is one of the most diverse communities in the United States. The 2,700-student Central Falls School District is about the same size as the … Read More

“Celebrate Good Times, Come On”

It’s June.  It’s graduation time and there’s always a “feel good” story or two.  My feel good story is about Aspire Langston Hughes Academy in Stockton, Calif.  It’s about Jesus, Kanwar, Celine and Zoe.  They earned their high school diplomas this week but actually earned their associate’s degrees the week before from San Joaquin Delta … Read More

Seahawks Celebrate Charter School Launch

More than 40 states now have charter laws. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend 10 conferences marking the first year of the laws in those states. The most recent was the Washington State Charter Organization’s launch, and Marta Reyes, Bree Dusseault and their team really know how to launch a campaign.  No other “first annual” … Read More

Common Core: What’s Your Song and Why?

We all have a theme song, and it’s contagious.  At this year’s annual NFL draft, a new feature was added, which extended the length of time needed to announce each athlete drafted, but was also kind of fun. Upon learning they were drafted, and prior to the announcement of their name at Madison Square Garden, … Read More

Find Your Way to Lindsay

The GPS was pretty straightforward.  A few turns, the crossing of a bridge, a veer towards Highway 99 South.  Some five hours later, San Francisco would be in the rear view mirror, and I’d be approaching Lindsay California.   Lindsay is probably one of the least-known cities in the Golden State…unless you’re a fan of agriculture.  … Read More