The Chocolate Babka

I just bought Zahav by Michael Solomonov, the chef behind that Philadelphia restaurant. It’s got some amazing summer salads but I went straight for the babka recipe. The last time I had chocolate babka was at that Data and Society meeting in NYC and it was good! A babka is easier to make than you think. The filling is nothing but sugar, flour, cocoa powder and dark chocolate whizzed up in a Cuisinart. The dough is a basic yeast dough with a little sugar and milk plus eggs and butter. So, like a brioche. Solomonov puts a touch of lemon zest (which makes a big difference and the kids noticed).  He uses a two-part method of making the dough, letting it rise and then filling it and rolling it up like a jelly roll. Then the surprise: freeze it for three hours. Cut it and then let it rise again in the loaf pan. It makes it easier to cut and allows you to make individual babkas if you desire. It’s pretty delicious and he suggests if you have any leftover (not likely) to make a bread pudding!


From Smitten Kitchen