Disrupting how we think about college and careers

When I started working at the Gates Foundation we used to talk about the high school graduating class of 2025. It meant something personal to me because my son is in the class of 2025. I thought so many things would be different for him. Not so sure how much will change in high school but maybe college and beyond?  We are seeing some new schools like Rooted School in New Orleans try and take on the connection to workforce development earlier.  I was listening to Adam Braun talk about Mission U and thought about the glorious tuition bills I would not be paying if my son took that route.  Debt-free college is possible with a good job?  You pay for your education through a percentage of your salary after you have a job making $50K or more.  He made Minerva’s model look almost dated with its cheaper tuition and campus-free world-wide model.  I’m rooting for both models as they are equally as disruptive.  Adam happened to be interviewed by Chase Jarvis who started Creative Live, classes for life-long learners.  Then there is entrepreneur Matthew Pittinsky, trying to reinvent what a credential is and how we might show what we know vs where we went to school with his initiative called Parchment. As a stand-alone, each of these disruptions might not seem like a force of nature but together, they create an entirely new pathway to careers for our kids. I’m hoping there are more entrants into this space as I have another child who will be the class of 2029 so it’s not too late for him!