Afternoon Buns with Orange Zest Glaze

Sofra is a bakery in Boston started by the same ladies who opened Oleana. Their bakery has the most delicious and unusual pastries. My favorite is their version of a morning bun that is made with a faux croissant dough, chopped into squares and then assembled in a muffin tin. I glazed mine while hot to get a clear glaze and a hint of orange. Sofra pours on a goopy white glaze which I think overpowers the beauty of the bun.  You make these buns like a puff pastry except only two turns. One is the business letter fold and the second is the book fold. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Try any croissant dough recipe but only do those two folds and refrigerate in between folds. You won’t be disappointed with the results. If you don’t start early enough they turn into afternoon vs. morning buns. I make a large batch of the dough the night before, and then freeze them after cutting them into squares and they can rise overnight on the counter and you are guaranteed morning buns in the morning.  But they are good any time of the day! If there are any left overs, try making a bread pudding out of them for dessert. Nothing will be wasted!