Spring Reading

I’ve been reading a lot of great books lately and wanting to share the top five:

  • Stick With It by Sean Young (forthcoming from Harper Collins). I was lucky enough to get a copy of the draft and it’s worth the read to help you with behavior change in your life and the role it might play in your work.
  • Serious Creativity by Edward Debono. Also the author of Six Thinking Hats. For those of you who believe that creativity is not something you are born with but something that can emerge if you design the right conditions!
  • The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst. Quick read if you want to see where we are headed and why values matter so much.
  • Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel. I had the great pleasure of going to a meeting he ran several months ago. It changed the way I think about how innovation occurs and how ordinary people can make improvements to products and tools through networked communities.
  • Flourish by Martin Seligman. I got a little obsessed with his research as a positive psychologist and loved his expansive way about thinking about what we really want for our children is for them to flourish not simply happiness. His indicator of whether or not a city is flourishing not based on economic factors made me think about how we need alternative ways of thinking about measuring student success. His protégé’s book Grit by Angela Duckworth is also worth a read. There is a good test in there to give your children to assess their grit factor. I won’t say who has the most grit in my family but it’s not me!