Falafel to go with that Lamb

I learned to make falafel in Palestine about six years ago from a woman named Rana. This is her method. Use raw chickpeas and soak for three hours or more. Pulse in food processor. Wash a generous amount of parsley leaves, half an onion, three or four cloves of garlic and pulse in food processor. Mix these ingredients together and add a falafel spice (any Middle Eastern store will have this). Just before frying, add a teaspoon of baking soda which helps them stay fluffy and salt to taste. Fry in grape seed or olive oil until dark. Serve crispy with tahini sauce. On your own to find a falafel maker? It is a metal tool that has a rounded end and creates the round disk like shape. I bought mine in Bethlehem! I’m sure you could use an ice cream scoop…I have found that if you freeze the falafel after they are shaped they fry better than right after you create the mixture.