Teaching is a powerful force for social change in our society

This summer we had the absolute pleasure of hosting Deborah Ball from University of Michigan at the Foundation. We looked at good instruction through the lens of equity. We “met” several African American students through video and watched both their behaviors and the teacher’s behaviors during really challenging and rich math lessons. We all agreed that dumbing down the math was not an option. Deborah asked hard questions of us like: How can teaching pull students in instead of push them out? She gave strong examples of how teachers can do this and how some behaviors by students might be misperceived by teachers. Verta Maloney, Director of Leadership and Learning at UnboundEd, also joined us and reminded us that for students of color a strong sense of academic identity; learning through experience; and bias in the classroom can really influence their success. Looking forward to revisiting our investments this next year with fresh eyes on what equity in instruction look like.