What if….Teachers Teach and Teachers Lead

This last week my daughter was “uncovered” and so I brought her to work with me. I take Take Your Daughter to Work very seriously, I just never happen to celebrate it actually on the day. She’s a lot of my own motivation to support teachers as someone who has good teachers and not so good ones. This week we welcomed an incoming class of X Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) members. Five years ago, the Foundation created an advisory council of teachers to help inform our work and engage them in conversations about their own leadership. I used a quote from Marshall Ganz in my welcoming remarks that is my favorite definition of leadership:

“Leadership is accepting responsibility to create conditions that enable others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty.”

What if teachers lead in that way? How might schools be different? What new roles might teachers assume and how might they help their colleagues? Our TAC is thinking about that, and I’m looking forward to finding out what they do with this definition of leadership over the next two years!