Tea Eggs for that Jook

Tea eggs are a little more complicated especially if you like your tea eggs creamy in the inside instead of well cooked. Boil water and add eggs. I cook them for 7 minutes and immediately put them in ice water. You have to vary this time depending on how you like your eggs and how many eggs you are cooking. I cooked two dozen eggs in one pot and extended the time to ten minutes and they came out creamy, for example. To make the tea marinade: I use a dark smoky black tea, soy sauce, star anise, fennel seeds and sugar. If you add some of the “dark soy” which has no flavor but lots of color, the eggs will look darker. I boil this liquid and then let it cool slightly and add the eggs which have either been cracked (shell on for the marble look) or fully peeled for the deep dark tanned look. Let them sit as long as you like for a deeper flavor but at least overnight. Slice in half and serve with your bowl of jook!


*Image from Tamaratlee ‘Bite Me’