Why Not Spread an Epidemic of Good Practice

While I was at ECET2 a few weeks ago I met with Alan Daly, a dear friend and Chair of the Education Department at UCSD. We hatched an idea to start an epidemic of good practice. What if we could take some effective practices that bubbled up from teachers and/or research and drop them into a set of complex networks and watch it spread, the same way we can now track the spread of diseases? Why can’t we figure out who the carriers are and the best way those good practices might diffuse throughout a network? At ECET2, I had a feeling there were quite a few teachers who would be willing to become part of the diffusion strategy and/or designers of those effective practices. I was inspired by the #WhyITeach speech bubbles that so many teachers posted on Twitter during that conference and by the hundreds of teachers not at the conference who had joined the conversation. If you know a teacher, I hope you will see if they want to join the conversation and help spread an epidemic of good practice.


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