Best Gifts for Teachers
A Time to Say Thank You

It’s that time of year when you want to thank the teachers who have been teaching your children, but you can’t possibly thank them enough. As a working mom, I am thinking about all the field trips I missed and whether or not my kids would have wanted me to come on them anyway. All the books they’ve read. All the things they’ve learned. I was thinking about the best gifts teachers say they’ve received and found this wonderful collection on the Huffington Post.

When I looked in my son’s backpack, there was an envelope in it that said:

Fill Out & Return: A Super Secret Fun Surprise For Maureen!

I opened it up to find two amazing cards—one for my son and one for me.

The one for my son to fill out said:

Me & Maureen…A Memoir by________________________________.

Maureen taught me about____________________________________.

She always says________________________________________________.

We had fun together when____________________________________.

She always helped me with____________________________________.

I will still remember her when I’m old enough to____________________________.

The parent one said:

A Most Beloved Teacher—Maureen Beck!

She is a teacher who is always____________________________________.

She taught my child________________________________________________.

She taught me_______________________________________________________.

Awarded by_________________________________________.

Parents of____________________________________________.

Can you imagine Teacher Maureen when she gets a handful of these from all of the parents and kids in her class? She’s retiring this year.

My favorite responses from my son that I think would be priceless to any teacher:

Maureen taught me about letters.

She always says be nice and don’t take all the papers.

We had fun together when she played with me.

She always helped me with doing hard stuff.

I will still remember her when I’m old enough to do something by myself!

Here’s to all the teachers who have worked so hard this year and the priceless memories they have given their students and their parents!