Breakfast on the Run: Try the Scottish Egg

The first time I ate one was on the ferry, leaving Orcas Island. I had a Scottish Egg and a raspberry fig scone. I’ll never forget either. They were both delicious. I was with my now husband, then boyfriend, coming back from a long weekend on the island. He was working for Governor Gary Locke, and I was just enjoying myself on vacation! We had to leave on the very early morning ferry, so they packed our breakfasts to go. There it was wrapped in foil—the Scottish Egg.

You simply soft boil an egg (about six or seven minutes) and then shell it (plunging the egg in ice water is critical to getting the shell off nicely). Wrap it in a thin layer of uncooked sausage, wrap in foil, leaving the top open to brown and roast in a 400-degree oven until the sausage is cooked and crispy. There is some juice, so if you don’t want your kids to spill it in your car, take the egg out and put it in a clean piece of parchment. It’s the perfect breakfast to go, sans the gluten for all you gluten-free lovers. And kids love to eat it. I’ve seen other versions of this egg, coated in bread crumbs, that look delicious, too. No knife or fork needed. Note: If you are like me and you like a runny yolk, then you should cook the egg for five to six minutes, but it’s harder to shell when the white and yolk are looser. If you like it creamy or hard-boiled then seven minutes works well.