The Best Chicken Salad Sandwich: Lemon Juice and Tarragon?

Believe it or not, our whole family of five can eat dinner off of one small game hen. The breast always goes last. I eat the back and “oysters,” not really wanting much meat. The kids eat the wings, thighs and legs and my husband is always left with the breast. Last night he asked for a chicken salad sandwich for dinner with the breast and I knew exactly how he wanted it made.

We used to stop at a little café called Confluence Kitchen & Market, off Highway 80, on the way to Lake Tahoe to give the kids a bathroom break, and more importantly to get our favorite chicken salad sandwich. They used a dark brown bread (the kind made with molasses) and her secret: lemon juice. Take white meat from the breast and cut or shred it. Add finely diced onions, chopped tarragon, mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste. Then, add a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice! She always had a thinly sliced tomato and a small leaf of romaine. We all fought over it in the car. Tonight my husband had it all to himself!


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