Teacher 2.0
Could It Be Our Next Big Teacher Conference?

This week I went to Mom 2.0. It’s a mommy blogger conference that is the intersection of moms, marketers and social media mavens. You’d have to go yourself to really understand its power and what it is really about. I am not sure I can fully capture the experience in words, and I admit I remain a little conflicted. But if you are a mom who wants to reinvent yourself, you might consider it next year! I can honestly say that I have never been in the presence of so many empowered moms in my life. It was intimidating and inviting at the same time.

I couldn’t help but wonder what Teacher 2.0 would look like. I met several social media maven moms who were also teachers (or former teachers). Each one of these women (and one brave male ECET2 teacher) had a powerful story and seemed so excited about the impact they were having beyond their classrooms. The conversation was so different from those we have with the teacher leaders from our conferences like ECET2, the recent Teacher Allies meeting, and the teacher networks meeting I held this past year. I am a big fan of strange bedfellows and I wondered what it might be like to invite a set of these teachers to meet some of our best teacher leaders. What values would they hold in common? What would they want to talk about and what problems might they solve together? How might they help each other? The intersection of great teachers, social media mavens and social entrepreneurs/innovators—sounds like a formula for Teacher 2.0.