Candied Kumquats

This weekend at the farmer’s market, I found these huge Meiwa kumquats. Only my daughter and I love to eat these small little citrus fruits fresh. You eat them whole and the skin is bittersweet, while the flesh inside is tangy. When we had a blackberry bramble in our backyard, we loved to eat vanilla ice cream with blackberry syrup and candied kumquats. I like to slice the kumquat into thin round circles before candying. The proper way to candy anything is to bring it to a boil a couple times in just enough water to cover the fruit, discarding the water after each boil. Then you make a simple syrup with one and a half cup sugar and one cup of water. When the sugar is dissolved, you add the fruit (or citrus peels with white pith removed) and cook until the skin is translucent. I usually keep the kumquats in a little syrup in the refrigerator but if you are candying a citrus peel, you would remove it and then toss in fine sugar and store in an airtight container.