Garlic Chives and Pork Belly

Question: What do Bill Gates and my father, a retired pediatric dentist, have in common?  Answer: They were both born in the year of the Ram. Gung Hay Fat Choy! This past week we celebrated Chinese New Year in my house. Jai is the traditional glass noodle dish (made from mung beans) that my mom always used to make. This year I added garlic chives and pork belly to the menu. Garlic chives are sweet and fragrant. You simply wash, chop and stir fry. The pork belly is a little more work. You can find dozens of recipes on the internet. I took off the skin, cured the pork belly in a sugar and salt mixture over night, and rolled it into a log. I browned it at 400 degrees on all sides and roasted it at 200 degrees for another hour or so. Let cool and then slice thin and add to the garlic chives.

– C.


Pork Belly pic