Go to Berkeley for BBQ and Thai Food?

This Sunday I was at home with the kids alone and we found ourselves in Berkeley on University Avenue looking at thrift shops, when we really only wanted to eat noodles. A ramen house had been replaced with a new Thai street food restaurant near the Goodwill. My daughter and I were all in. The boys were skeptical. They are loyal to ramen. Since when did University Avenue in Berkeley have such good food? Three places to follow: Asha Tea House (right at Shattuck in the Citibank building) offers great matcha green tea and healthy boba drinks for kids. They crush up seasonal fruit instead of using that nasty syrup the kids like so much. The homemade mochi at Asha is worth the $2 each—black sesame, coconut cheesecake and green tea. Dare I say better than Benkyodo in SF? Fresh and chewy. If you are still hungry, go two doors down to Imm Thai—the best street Thai food I’ve had in Berkeley. It’s street food akin to Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok in Portland. The Su Kho Thai noodle soup is absolutely mouthwatering with strong hits of lemongrass and that quintessentially Thai layering of flavors. It comes with pork rinds too! Look out North Berkeley—University Avenue may become the next gourmet ghetto. Next stop: Perdition BBQ a few doors down from Imm.