One Pot Coconut Curry Lentil Soup


Fall is here and the air is getting cooler, so it’s time for soup! This can be made thick like a stew or thinned out like a soup. I’ve eaten it both ways, and it just depends if I have rice nearby. If I have bread, I prefer the soup version. If I have rice, then I want a thick stew. The kids love it either way!   Method: Chop celery, onions, potato and carrots. I had some fennel and threw that in. too. Whatever you have in the refrigerator will do. Wash a cup of lentils in a pot and remove any stones (I used a mix of black and red but any kind will do). Then add all the chopped vegetables. Add one or two cans of coconut milk, depending on how much liquid you want (soup or stew). Water is also fine to add if it seems too thick. I made mine vegetarian but you could use a chicken or other stock instead of water.  Add your favorite curry powder (yellow, red or green). I used a Thai basil curry paste this week. Cook it on the stove until the lentils are soft and the soup is the desired thickness.