Brussel Sprouts: The D.C. Ways

This last week I was in D.C. and found myself eating brussel sprouts all week. Here’s where to go if you happen to be in D.C this season and hanker for a hunk of sprouts. While I am never a fan of hotel food, I must admit that I like going to Zentan in the Donovan House Hotel for sushi and ramen. Daikaya in Chinatown will give them a run for their money, especially on the seven-minute egg in the ramen, but this week it was all about the brussels at Zentan.  Roasted until they are crispy and the leaves are falling off.  Simply, well done.

brussleAnother hotel restaurant?  Yes, I’m a fan of the Blue Duck Tavern.  Their bison hanger steak is perfectly cooked and accompanied by braised purple cabbage and tobacco onion rings.  I didn’t need to order the brussels, too. But I did. How could you resist?  Ham hock mustard BBQ?  Honestly, I worried they would be too mustardy, but I was wrong. They had just the right mix of BBQ sauce and mustard. Save room for the apple pie. D.C.’s 14th Street is nothing like I remember it back in the ‘90s and Doi Moi is a popular Thai/Asian spot. I like to eat their whole fried fish, and I tried the brussels with black bean paste this time around. They were not as salty as I imagined, but spicy! They don’t skimp on the red chilies, so order the sticky rice, too (unfortunately without the mangoes) and save room for the sour plum sorbet.