Basic Tomato Cream Sauce

Right after a swim, the kids are always hungry, so I have to make something fast or else they’ll snack themselves silly and won’t eat dinner. The past two weeks have been extremely warm in California, so we’ve been going for a swim on Sundays at Strawberry Canyon pool and then heading home for an early dinner. We had a friend join us this time and she devoured this pasta and brought her mom into my kitchen when the play date was over to make sure she got the recipe…This is for Jada!

tomatoYou can use this recipe year-round with canned tomatoes or use fresh tomatoes. It’s the end of the season here, but you can still find some nice cherry and Early Girl tomatoes in the farmer’s markets. You need one 28-ounce can of whole peeled tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes), one small onion, garlic, and cream. Saute diced onions in olive oil. Add garlic and tomatoes. Cook down. Add salt to taste. After adding the tomatoes (fresh ones would need to be cut but canned tomatoes can be put in whole), cook down until most of the water is gone and the onions are soft. Remove the pan from the stove. Use a hand-held blender to puree the sauce. Add salt as needed and as much cream as you desire. I only use a little. Serve this with any pasta, from shells to spaghetti to rigatoni! We finished off the sauce for Jada with some small sliced cherry tomatoes and a handful of basil and parmesan cheese.