Curry In a Hurry

There are those days when a mother just doesn’t feel like cooking and just wants something fast to feed the kids when they come home from school, hot and tired. My mom used to make this Japanese “golden curry” from S&B, which comes in bricks in an orange and gold cardboard box. You store them in the refrigerator and it only takes a few cubes to jazz up the most boring set of vegetables.  Use whatever is available to you in your refrigerator; don’t make a special trip to the store!  I had a head of broccoflower (a lime green-colored cauliflower from the farmer’s market), two carrots, half of an onion, one Satsuma sweet potato, frozen peas and about a fourth of a pound of ground turkey in the freezer.

curryFry the turkey until it is as brown as you can get it (or substitute any meat or tofu). Add chopped onions. Chop up the remaining vegetables into small bite-sized pieces and toss into the pot with two curry cubes and enough water to cover the vegetables. (I peeled the sweet potato, which has a white flesh). The curry will thicken as it cooks, but you can add broth or water as you go if the curry feels too thick. When the all the vegetables are soft, and just before you are ready to serve, add a handful of green peas (frozen in my case). Serve over hot rice or noodles. My kids prefer rice.  I made it this week and my daughter said: “Mom, this is even better than last night’s dinner,” which was pan-fried salmon seared with fennel, onions, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and a splash of white wine). Right on!