A Quart of Milk, A Loaf of Bread, and Some Model Lesson Plans

I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally has to go to the store. Sometimes it’s the local grocery store, while other times it’s a “stocking up for the season” adventure to Costco. Regardless, it’s always helpful to have a list of the important things that have to make their way to the shopping cart.

I see a number of similarities between a “Costco run” and preparing to implement the Common Core State Standards. Recently, several organizations that support the implementation of the Common Core were faced with the shopping list challenge. And of course, the budget was limited. In the simulation (see below), each technical assistance provider was asked to allocate $100 across a list of resources that would help the districts they support meet the biggest challenges related to implementation.

So how would you allocate your $100 (or 100% of your resources) to help your system implement the Common Core?  Take a look, and if you’re comfortable sending back your responses, I’ll add them to my list.  Also note that in future blogs, we’ll show you the collective responses as well as the various rationales as to why these were chosen. Happy shopping.

How would you allocate $100 across the following?

Additional planning time
Standards and curriculum-aligned instructional materials
Adopt fully developed curriculum and make available to teachers
Professional development training
Strategies and coaching to help teach content
Model lesson plans
Observing other teachers
Materials for parents
Online platforms for teachers to share ideas
Other (you specify)


Note: Must total no more than $100.