The Tomato Bread Salad

I went to D.C. office this week, and as I was leaving, I went to the staff room to take some snacks for the trip back West. I saw the usual: leftover pastries from the Global Health meeting and a plastic bowl of sorry-looking cut-up melon and a few berries. But at the end of the counter was a surprise—a huge bunch of fresh oregano and lemon thyme with a little sign that said, “Take me!” I wasn’t shy about taking and the next day I feasted on one of my favorite summer salads made with toasted levain bread and fresh tomatoes. Cut or tear the fresh bread up into small bite-sized pieces. (I prefer the flavors of a nutty, slightly tart levain but any great loaf will do).  Toss in olive oil and toast in the oven until brown. Slice fresh, sweet tomatoes. I prefer small, cherry tomatoes or Sun Gold, but again, any will do. Make a vinaigrette and toss the two together with some fresh herbs. Basil works too, but if someone is offering lemon thyme and oregano in your office, go for it!  I often add fresh corn or haricot vert. It all depends what your farmers are selling that week at the market.