Hoya Saxa: Intellectual Rigor, Leadership and Service

I must admit, when I applied to go to Georgetown, it wasn’t for their basketball team. Who had even heard of Patrick Ewing anyway? (Sorry, Don, I know I’ve just gone down a notch in your eyes.)  It was all about D.C. and international affairs, the Smithsonian museums and being on the East Coast! When I was interviewed recently by the alumni magazine, it felt strange because I have not kept in touch with many of my classmates and did not take the planned path toward becoming a diplomat. There were no education courses, so they can take no credit for putting me on this path, but they gave me opportunities to give back to the community and I chose to tutor middle school students in S.E. Washington.

Georgetown, however, did a very important thing—it nurtured my aspiration to “be the change.”    The school sent a common and clear message to students, through its many speakers and liturgies, about the importance of intellectual rigor, leadership and service. We have this great saying at the Foundation that I think came from our former CEO Jeff Raikes: “The work we do is complex; the reason we do it is not.”  So here’s to Georgetown for inspiring me to take on complex work and do something that matters.