Sandra Licon’s Mexican Corn

Welcome to summer and corn season!  My own humble method for grilling corn is to actually just put a pat of butter with the corn and wrap it in tinfoil and throw it on the grill.  I’ve never really liked the mess of grilling in the husk.  Sandra sent me this recipe with a nice twist on what to do after you’ve grilled your corn in the husk or out. Regardless of the method, she says you want the corn a little charred.  To each piece of corn, add butter (the Mexican way is to put a bar of butter on a plate and just roll the corn back and forth), a tiny bit of mayo, a squirt of lime, and crumbled Mexican cheese (cotija). Sprinkle Mexican chili powder (there’s one called Tajin) or a Mexican sauce called Valentina if you like spicy (which I’m sure you can find at a Mexican store). In Mexico, they sell this all over on street corners. It’s messy, but addicting!