Carina’s Dry Fry Green Beans

Last weekend I bought Chinese takeout. This is always dicey for me because I grew up with the most delicious Chinese food in Los Angeles. Nothing compares to it in the Bay Area, and there’s only one place I trust for Salt and Pepper Crab: RG Lounge. There is one good restaurant for my all-time favorite dry scallop fried rice called Bay Fung Tong in downtown Oakland.  People have been telling me about Little Chin Chin on Piedmont Avenue so I tried it this week. Their Kung Pao chicken was horrible (but I’ve had the real deal in Chengdu). They did, however, have some nice dry fry green beans that my son loved.

So here’s my version with blue lake green beans, but the traditional Chinese long beans would work too!  Wash and pick the ends off a handful of beans. Dry thoroughly. Fry whole in oil until the skin shrivels. Remove from pan.  Drain oil and return beans to frying pan and toss in a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of hoisin sauce, and a teaspoon of sweet chili sauce (or your favorite chili sauce), and a tablespoon of balsamic or other sweet vinegar. Stir fry until beans are completely cooked in sauce. Serve immediately!