Truly, The Happiest Place on Earth

I’ve always wondered why Super Bowl winners want to go to Disneyland.  Now, I get it.  Where else do you have the patience to wait in line for an hour and a half, and then thoroughly enjoy a fifteen second joyride without resentment?  Where else do you find someone scraping gum off the ground and do it with a genuine smile?  Where else does it snow in 70-degree weather?

Since we took my son for his 5th birthday this last year to Disneyland, I’ve had Mickey on the mind.  Disneyland was a historic experiment, based on a single man’s imagination and desire to design a space where dreams really did come true.  Walt Disney built Disneyland in the middle of nowhere, among orange groves in Southern California.  He put up his own equity to finance the endeavor, and really, the rest is history.

It got me thinking about an equivalent experience in education.  Would it be possible to create a place – real or virtual – for teachers to feel like they’ve arrived at the Happiest Place on Earth every day?  What can we learn/translate from Disney’s business and design to education? – C.