Take a Powerful Pause Today

It’s easy to forget—when you work at the world’s largest philanthropy and give away billions of dollars each year—that at the heart of the complex systems we seek to change are people.  These people may feel powerless and yet, they have the power to change hundreds of lives within their own communities. Their most powerful … Read More

Is SEL already last year’s trend?

One of our four culture goals at the foundation is to “create energy.” This last month I went to a board meeting that created a lot of energy for me personally. The focus: a discussion on equity and empathy. More and more I am hearing about the importance of empathy and how focusing on it … Read More

What Skills Will Our Students Need?

The White House released a report on automation, artificial intelligence and the economy last year and warned that millions of Americans could be left behind given the current pace of technological change. The White House estimates 9-47 percent of the jobs could be threatened by the pace of change. Economists are still unsure of how … Read More

Harmony Magnet Academy and the Joy Factor

While we were in the Central Valley we went to a Linked Learning/NAF/Project Lead the Way school called Harmony Magnet Academy. Don Shalvey has been begging me to go to Lindsay and see a Linked Learning school for five years now. I can see him smiling. Our gracious hosts Cindy Brown from Central Office and … Read More

Lindsay, CA: Too good to be true?

This month I took a trip to the Central Valley to visit the schools in Lindsay, CA. You may know it as the poster child for a personalized learning district. 100 percent are free and reduced lunch; 97 percent speak Spanish at home; 44 percent of the learners live in families where the parents did … Read More